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Your best bet in bluegrass music

bluegrassinstrumentsBluegrass, although not native to the region, is popular i the Ozarks section of Missouri.
On any given weekend you find plenty of bluegrass bands playing  Some good, some not-so-good. As a rule of thumb, if a band is offering a free concert, it’s a pretty good indication they aren’t the best around. Conversely  some of the best music can be found in local taverns promoting bluegrass.
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SDC set for Bluegrass Festival and BBQ Food

food1The all-American favorites of bluegrass music and slow-smoked barbecue take over the Silver Dollar City streets as the park’s Bluegrass & BBQ festival fires up the stages and the grills in the Branson, Missouri theme park. Awarded a bluegrass “Event of the Year” by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA), Bluegrass & BBQ presents more than 40 bands and hundreds of performances, from international award-winning musicians to the hottest new bands in bluegrass today.

“Bluegrass music has its roots in every country around the world, but it all came together here in America,” said festival manager D.A. Callaway, who visits bluegrass festivals around the country to find talent, and was named “Bluegrass Promoter of the Year” by the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America in 2012 & 2013. “Since it was first recognized as a genre in the 1950s, bluegrass has grown in popularity as each generation that comes along adds to the spirit, the energy, and the innovation of the music, and that’s why today’s bluegrass music is the best it has ever been,” he said. Read more »

The Duttons

Across The Ozarks

Branson Show

Featuring a wide array of musical genres, the Duttons combine beautiful vocal harmonies, instrumental virtuosity, high-energy dancing, and heartwarming comedy that will keep everyone entertained and will leave all who watch with a smile.

These seasoned performers not only own their own theater in Branson,MO, they have toured the world over and been featured on television networks from China to Europe and right here at home in the United States.

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The Old Time Music Ozark Heritage Festival

Blackberry Winter Band

Blackberry Winter Band

By Across the Ozarks

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The Old Time Music Ozark Heritage Festival in West Plains, Missouri celebrates old time music and the unique culture of the Ozark Highlands. Different from its rural counterparts, bluegrass and country, old time music has its distinctive sound and makes its own important contribution to the complex palette of what we call indigenous American music.

Music can be found across the Ozarks. But The Old Time Music Ozark Heritage Festival provides a great way to witness some of the best in the area.

Musicians, artisans, and storytellers from throughout the state come to the West Plains festival in enthusiastic support of creating a place to listen, watch, interact and honor the old time traditions of our southern Ozarks communities.

Demonstrating the spectrum of art forms from dance fiddling, local jig steps, and gospel singing, to the songs, narratives and ballads that tell the story of a place, to the occupational traditions of blacksmithing, log skidding, spinning and basket making, artists show how these arts are embedded in the experience of our daily lives and how they fit the functional and symbolic needs of our community.

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Rockin’ the Ozarks – Highway 13 Band

earlyHighway 13 Band is a genuine classic rock band, playing classic rock music the way it was meant to be played, in the heart of the Ozarks.

Their show features music, primarily Rock & Roll of the 60’s but ranging from the 50’sthru the 80’s. The band’s goal is to keep you dancing all night long, and to make you turn your head and say, wow, I haven’t heard that song in years.

The band members individually and collectively are dedicated to bringing their respective talents and their love of “classic rock” to the stage each and every time they perform and can always be counted on to deliver an exciting collection of classic rock ‘n’ roll for your listening and dancing pleasure.

The members of Highway 13 have been involved in the music industry for many years.

Terry Garrison began playing in the early 60’s on Highway 13 in Lampe, Mo. with life long friends, Joe Hayhurst & David Newman. Their gigs consisted of High School Dances and local venues but as they ventured out and went their separate ways those simple beginnings would develop into impressive lifelong careers.

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